Rain, Rain, Rain

Contrux dug our trench to bury the sump line on Thursday, but we have no idea why they stopped there and didn’t finish the job. So now we have a trench about 30′ long, 1′ wide, and 1.5′ deep (something like that) on the side of our house running to the easement in the backyard. With all the rain we are getting, it’s really looking like a moat.

Ana called on Friday morning asking why they didn’t finish, and the secretary didn’t have any notes on the issue and told Ana that she had no way of finding that out. WTF. The lady said they would probably be there that day to finish it up. As soon as I got home and found it in the same state as Thursday, I decided to give them a call. Again, same thing – they took our name and number and made a note to find out what’s going on with it. I haven’t heard back so I’ll probably be calling again today, just to be a pain in the ass to them.

I should toss some pictures up of it, it’s a real mess and the sod they dug up will most certainly be dead once they finally get back to finish things.

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