Productive Evening

Tonight turned out to be a very productive evening. First off was downloading the UltraVNC source, making a quick change to a constant and recompiling. This was for work where we are wanting to allow one user at a time to hit a pc via VNC. Apparently this configuration option is/was available in the original version of vnc but is absent from its derivative.

Next up was configuring exim to use my ISP’s smtp server for outgoing mail. I only use it for a couple mailman mailing lists and was having problems with subscribers having email addresses. A common problem, just had to slog through some docs on how to get around it.

And finally, a new version of MythTV was released yesterday which I installed. The program listings had broken a couple (probably more, just hadn’t noticed) days ago which I also fixed by changing to the new method MythTV is using for getting listings in the new version.





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