The Saga Continues

Son of a bitch. For those who haven’t talked to me in the past week, Construx scheduled a couple guys and a trenching machine to dig and bury a new sump line – giving up on finding and repairing the existing faulty one. Ana took today off to be here at noon when they were supposed to arrive. 12:30 came and went so Ana called to find out what the deal was, she was told he was waiting outside for the trencher to show up (which is a lie because Ana was outside while she made the phone call). Anyway, the trencer didn’t show up until 2:30 or so.

So we thought our sump line was FINALLY going to be taken care of. Yeah right. Ana calls me at 3:30 saying all the power just shut off at the house. The moron cut through the power line (and telephone line, discovered later).

A few calls flew back and forth between myself, Ana, and Construx. They called City Water, Light & Power to come out and repair it. It’s a known rule/law in Illinois that before you dig, you have to Call Julie and they mark the locations of pipes, wires, etc. Apparently they didn’t do this, so they are going to be fined and charged heftily for the 4(!) electrical employees it took to repair it.

After about an hour of working on the line they had it fixed and all was better. Our trench is HUGE now, more damage to the grass than ever before, and the Construx guy still didn’t finish digging. So the progress for today was nil. There was also a mishap with the replacement doorknob but I’ll save that rant for another day. Pics can be seen here.





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