Washington, DC

Gettysburg was very interesting yesterday. We purchased a 2 hour audio tour and drove around it ourselves rather than hiring a park guide to ride along with us. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I took quite a few pictures. We got on the road around 2:30 or so.

We arrived and checked into our hotel here in DC at about 5pm yesterday. The drive from Gettysburg went very fast, even with our accidental detour to Dulles International Airport (the GPS didn’t notify us of our correct turn/exit until the lanes were already divided). The GPS is quite unreliable here, as soon as we got around DC limits it showed us driving all over the map when we were just sitting in traffic.

Shortly after unloading in the hotel, we figured we would take a quick stroll around some of the monuments before grabbing some dinner. Well, that “quick stroll” turned into quite a long walk – we didn’t eat until 9:30. After eating, we went and re-toured them to get pictures at night. The pictures look awesome, but it was 12:30am before we made it back to the hotel, exhausted and with very sore feet. Ana’s still sleeping.

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