Bug Tracking

The development of Chef has been pretty interesting thus far. I had almost forgotten how much work is involved in getting an application shippable like this. My previous experience was with the release WakeUp! Alarm Clock, but that was as off-the-cuff as you can get: simple version control (umm, none at first then graduated to … Continue reading Bug Tracking


As promised a while back, I have a few comments on the short time I've been a member of myspace. First, a quick background.  I've been quite curious of the whole social networking fad that has been going on.  As such, I first joined Facebook to get a peek at what it was all about.  … Continue reading MySpace

Taskbar Shuffle

I've been using this great utility for a few months now, and it's installed on every one of my computers now. If you're using Windows and find yourself inundated with applications in your taskbar you should give it a shot. I started using it just to rearrange running applications but I just installed the latest … Continue reading Taskbar Shuffle

TechSmith SnagIt

A while back I installed the trial version of TechSmith's SnagIt software.  I remember asking myself why on earth I would need a utility to capture screenshots - seriously, what's so hard about alt+PrintScreen, pasting into an image editor, cropping, and saving to a file? This afternoon I purchased a copy.  I grew to love … Continue reading TechSmith SnagIt