Bug Tracking

The development of Chef has been pretty interesting thus far. I had almost forgotten how much work is involved in getting an application shippable like this. My previous experience was with the release WakeUp! Alarm Clock, but that was as off-the-cuff as you can get: simple version control (umm, none at first then graduated to … Continue reading Bug Tracking


As promised a while back, I have a few comments on the short time I've been a member of myspace. First, a quick background.  I've been quite curious of the whole social networking fad that has been going on.  As such, I first joined Facebook to get a peek at what it was all about.  … Continue reading MySpace

Taskbar Shuffle

I've been using this great utility for a few months now, and it's installed on every one of my computers now. If you're using Windows and find yourself inundated with applications in your taskbar you should give it a shot. I started using it just to rearrange running applications but I just installed the latest … Continue reading Taskbar Shuffle

TechSmith SnagIt

A while back I installed the trial version of TechSmith's SnagIt software.  I remember asking myself why on earth I would need a utility to capture screenshots - seriously, what's so hard about alt+PrintScreen, pasting into an image editor, cropping, and saving to a file? This afternoon I purchased a copy.  I grew to love … Continue reading TechSmith SnagIt

Mouse and Keyboard

I now have a new mouse and keyboard, and they are awesome! The keyboard is the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and it's definitely the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used. It's unique for several reasons: the comfortable curve in addition to the "natural" style of keyboard; great key action; comfortable, padded wrist wrest built-in; … Continue reading Mouse and Keyboard

Longhorn Steakhouse

Ana and I dined at the recenly opened (within the past couple months) Longhorn Steakhouse. We were expecting something in the range of Lonestar, both in price and taste. Boy were we WRONG! I ordered a filet and Ana ordered a serloin. First, the prices were a bit steep compared to Lonestar, and inching into … Continue reading Longhorn Steakhouse


When I want to print some of my astronomy photos, I usually take them to Meijer's Photo Lab on a memory card and use their photo kiosks to submit them for printing. On Saturday I went online and discovered they now have a Windows client application that allows photos to be submitted from home. I … Continue reading Photos