transpalisades is live!

This will probably span multiple posts, as it’s a 7+ month long saga… Enjoy!

It all started when Jay and Katherine started looking for a house and we joked about needing to have a network between them. There was so much we could end up doing – backups, shared media, games, voip, etc.. The more we talked about it, the more serious it became, to the point of where it was obviously required.
They were due to get married in January, so they began house hunting in August or so. They looked at a few houses in the neighborhood (among other places around town) and ended up buying one at the opposite end of the subdivision. Google earth tells us that they’re 1100′ away, line of sight. If I recall, the research and purchase of the antennas and hardware was done before they took possession of the house. Based on the specs, it should be a piece of cake – besides, we can SEE one another’s house from our resepective roofs. No Problem! we reassured each other (and more importantly, Ana and Katherine).

The first free weekend we had was spent setting up the network. We allocated an entire day to get it up and going; more than enough time…






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  1. Jay Howerter Avatar
    Jay Howerter

    This is before we found out that Murphy’s Law was written specifically for me.


  2. […] Eric and I have diagramed our network in Visio. Our one big network was made possible because of DD-WRT and open source firmware for Linksys access points. Our jouney can be read about here. Click on the images to fule the full size ones. […]


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