Now that our network is up, I’ve decided to do a little upgrading. My new server should be delivered tomorrow and will probably end up replacing 4 old, old, old (think Pentium, Pentium II) machines running Linux. To the dismay of some I’m sure, this new server is going to be running Windows Server 2003. There are a variety of reasons, none of which are all that interesting, really 😉
Anyway, the new machine is a horse. And a cheap one at that. It’s a Dell PowerEdge SC430 with a 2.8Ghz Pentium D (mmm dual core) with a gig of RAM. Price after the memory upgrade and before tax was something like $450. Once the machine arrives I’ll also be purchasing a couple of large hard drives and a RAID controller to use for backups instead of my old tape drive. To round out the upgrade will be a pair of gigabit switches to replace some older and failing 10/100 ones.






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  1. Jay Howerter Avatar
    Jay Howerter

    I have officially converted EJ to the dark side!!!!


  2. EJ Avatar

    It’s funny you called it that. I called my first linux machine “darkside” because I was moving FROM windows.


  3. David Rasch Avatar

    where did I fail you?!

    We have several SC430’s at work, and I have an SC420 at home. Unfortunately it just crapped out when the power flickered two nights ago. Make sure it gets a UPS! Ironically, the older machines all bought prior to ’98 all survived just fine.


  4. Jay Howerter Avatar
    Jay Howerter

    All I have to say is: Tell all your readers how long it took to setup DHCP, DNS and file sharing. I sound like such a Microsoft bigot. Which isn’t completely true because of my SSH proxy and cvs.


  5. dustin Avatar

    Well, I can truly say this to you and Jay. ::teary-eyed::

    You guys make me so proud! Ya’ll are such nerds and into such nerdy stuff. I remember when Jay was just a lil’ guy and wasn’t even interested in computers. Ahh how the times change.

    Spending countless hours setting up wireless networks between your houses, although not nearly as cool as CB’s, is definitely worth a pat on the back. If I was there… I would… good job guys.


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