When I ordered my new server, I added Backup Exec 10d QuickStart Edition (or something like that).  Dell didn’t have much information on their website about what this software was comprised of, and Veritas/Symantec didn’t list that edition as a product, so I was a little concerned about what I was going to be receiving.  Granted, my needs aren’t complex; I was even planning on not backing up to tape anymore and just dumping to a RAID array and then across the wlan to Jay’s RAID array.

After installing and some configuration, I’m very pleased with the software.   It’s capable of way more than I need, but allows some things I wasn’t planning on and definitely makes my backups a lot cleaner.  One of these is the ability to use the remote agents to backup stuff on Ana’s desktop since she doesn’t get data onto the fileserver often.  Because of its media append/expirations times, I’m probably going to reattach the tape drive (with a usb2->ide adapter) and use it to continue periodic tape backups.





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