TechSmith SnagIt

A while back I installed the trial version of TechSmith’s SnagIt software.  I remember asking myself why on earth I would need a utility to capture screenshots – seriously, what’s so hard about alt+PrintScreen, pasting into an image editor, cropping, and saving to a file?

This afternoon I purchased a copy.  I grew to love the 2 seconds it took to get a screenshot taken and saved.  It also has a bunch of other screen capture capabilities (regions, scrolling windows, to PDF, time delays, including cursor, etc.) that are very useful.  Most of the other screen capture utilities I’ve tried in the past were shitty little apps that were just clunky to use and didn’t speed up the process.  Way to go SnagIt, you have replaced MS Paint.
A side effect of this purchase is most likely going to be an increaesd number of screen shots/clips.  I don’t know yet if that’s a good or bad thing.





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  1. Dave Avatar

    This post is dying for a screencap.


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