C and .NET

A coworker and I have been trudging through a lot of code recently. .NET code written by a C programmer. Folks, these things should never mix, because when they do, you end up with:

byteArray = new Byte[hexString.Length >> 1];
That’s right. Don’t divide by 2. Bit shift. And nevermind that there is a builtin .Net function that does what this line of code came from. And nevermind yet again that there’s a good helping of HEX shit like this in an ASP.NET web app.





2 responses to “C and .NET”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Software engineering is still computer science — don’t trash talk the bit shift. Are you forgetting your roots?


  2. EJ Avatar

    Don’t go there. A very large part of software engineering is code maintainability. The POS we’re looking at completely forgets elegance and maintainability.


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