Build System

Last night I put together a simple build system and got some of the application versioning in place for the future.  I’m running CruiseControl.NET for the builds but haven’t set it up for continuous integration since I’m the only one coding.  I’m also not running any build tasks other than a straight compile, although once I get some time that may change to include running my NUnit test cases.

All-in-all, I didn’t spend a lot of time on Chef this weekend, but I got a few very important things done.

In the very near future I need to really examine my source control system. I am using, and have been using, CVS at home for several years.  But I haven’t really used it for more than a simple version controlled file repository – few branches, few labels, etc.   At work I’m very comfortable with our source control system, but I’m just not with CVS.  On my list of possible replacements are SubVersion and SourceGear Vault.  All said, I’m still quite nervous about changing systems.

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