New Hobby

So as you have probably gathered, I’ve become immersed with a new hobby. Photography.

Ever since my first digital camera 5 years ago, I’ve grown more and more interested in capturing the world around me. With each successive model of camera, I’ve gained more resolution and more control over how the pictures were taken. What caught me off guard was that as I learned more and my cameras got better, I was getting more and more frustrated with them. Too slow, too large of a depth of field, poor low-light shooting, etc.. As time went on, I kept my eyes on the digital SLRs and tried to deny that I really wanted one. I knew what they could possibly offer me, but the price was just too steep for my occasional photo taking.

With the news of the child on the way, it was a perfect time and excuse to finally bite the bullet and purchase one. I mean, really, 20 years from now do we want to be looking at photos taken with a PnS or DSLR?? 😉

I never thought that I would consider the money spent on this camera to be worth every penny, but it sure is. I finally have control over everything I used to fight against in my old cameras. I can now get close to taking the pictures I envision when I’m looking around at things, and it’s a great feeling! The hardware is no longer the limit!

Those of you reading this that don’t really like taking photos probably don’t understand this, but oh well. For years I’ve wanted the capability I now have, I just didn’t know it yet. I think I’ve just discovered a world I find almost as deep and rich as writing software; those of you that know me well know that that’s saying a lot.





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