With just a few hours remaining in July, I’m happy to report that this month saw my first several sales of Chef. It’s interesting how that very first sale made me feel – just a couple days prior I had been asked by a few people if I had sold any. At that time, it had been released for right around 3 months and I’d had not a single sale. I almost felt embarrassed to respond with the “0”, I think because of how much work I’ve put into the software and maybe I was just being silly to think that I could make a little money with it. Thankfully I may not be silly to think that after all.

July also saw my first real support incident with it, one that was a little hairy but which I got resolved in a little over two evenings. It resulted in a new build, off of my 1.0 branch which forced me to make some changes (for the better) to my build system to allow building multiple code lines. This also allowed me to use Perforce’s integration capabilities to automatically merge this bugfix into the mainline – my first dealings with this in Perforce.

As I type this, I’m running an RC build of sorts for version 1.1 which I plan on releasing later this week. I’ll get it installed on our Chef PC and run a few more tests before calling it good. Look for it on Friday morning!





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