Error Reporting

Version 1.1 of Chef included a new feature for submitting crash reports if they happen in the wild. When one happens, the user has the option to send one in along with any comments and their email address (optional). It has always sounded like a good feature to have, but it took me some time for that to bubble up from a “nice to have” to actually being implemented.

1.1 was released in the beginning of August, but it wasn’t until the last week or so that I discovered that I had a bug in my build/setup/deploy process that didn’t include a critical dll to allow the reporting to work! So much for testing! So last week I put out a new build with the problem fixed. Whew.

This morning, sitting in my inbox was a crash report from a gentleman who tried to install Chef but it threw an error during the database install/configuration. This is one area I know I’ve had problems with in the past, and thought I had nailed down with the exception of some case my dad runs into when he tries to install it on his laptop. Multiple times he’s gotten the error. Well, thankfully, due to the crash report I believe I have found the problem and fixed it! Yay! The new build is uploading as we speak.





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