A little over a year ago I posted about Payment Processors for taking payment for Chef. Shortly thereafter I went ahead and signed up and integrated with SWREG.  Over the past year I have been pretty happy with them regarding the capabilities they provided, as well as their prices – I’ve been able to accept payments for Chef licenses and successfully ship new customers their registration keys without any intervention on my part.

So why Bye Bye SWREG?  It has come to my attention that they have started doing some shady (at best) things.  In short, they try to upsell my new customers into buying something unrelated to my software – that charges a $9-$10/month recurring fee.  And they make it look like it’s me doing the selling.  I’m ashamed to say that I learned of this just a few months ago but hadn’t gotten around to switching everything out to a competing service.

Well that changed this weekend.  After some shopping around and some coding, I am now a (trial) user of E-Junkie and have accounts setup and working with both PayPal and Google Checkout.  I hope that I’ve tested everything as thoroughly as I feel like I have and don’t delay getting any new Chef customers their registration keys!

SWREG and Digital River – goodbye and good riddance.  You’ll be getting no more commission fees from me.   To anyone using Digital River for eCommerce – I urge you to take your money elsewhere.






4 responses to “Bye Bye SWREG”

  1. Andy Brice Avatar

    Good on you. I hope enough people switch to give DR the message that this is unacceptable. But I suspect they will just get more and more desperate to meet their quarterly figures.


  2. Julian Moss Avatar

    I agree it is unethical, and I hope software developers will let DR the reason for taking their business elsewhere. Shareware processors don’t seem to have a clear idea whether they are providing services on behalf of the developer, or if they are resellers in their own right. You need to read the Ts and Cs. ShareIt, for example, now definitely considers itself a reseller and wants permission to do whatever it wants, including discount the price of your software.


  3. […] couple weeks ago I reported that I had gotten rid of SWREG in favor of E-Junkie with PayPal and Google Checkout.  Since then I’ve processed a couple of […]


  4. M. Parris Avatar
    M. Parris

    I can confirm that SWR has used some shady practices in connection with and this of course reflects on the originator also….

    I won’t use PayPal or buy from second-sourcers ever again !


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