Ana has been seeing a new doctor for her ITP these past couple of months.  His recommendation has been to get her spleen removed since it appears to be the source of her platelet issue.  In preparation of the surgery, which was to be in a couple weeks from now, she has been weaning off of the prednisone and getting her immunizations.

Last week, since her platelet counts were low (12,000ish if I recall), the doctor ordered several days worth of IVIG.  At the end of the week she was well over 100,000 and it was expected that that would last for a few weeks until the surgery.

Bzzzzt.  Wrong.  She got tested this morning and was at 8,000.  So she’ll be getting 3 more days of IVIG (this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and then go in for surgery on Monday.  Wow, that was fast.

We’re still learning details, so I’ll keep you up to date as we learn more.





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