Walgreens or CVS

The current poll Which do you prefer – Walgreens or CVS is getting an interesting result, yet one that I suspected.  9 votes so far for Walgreens and 0 for CVS.

I cannot explain it but I just don’t like CVS.  Taken at face value, the stores are identical.  They have red lettering, similar store size, and God knows they’re always within 100 feet of each other. Yet when faced with the choice, I choose Walgreens time and time again.

So I ask, what is so much better with Walgreens?

After spending a few minutes thinking about it (yeah, I can’t believe I actually sat here trying to quantify this), I have come up with the following:

  • Walgreens has cursive writing – it has a warmer/friendlier feel to it (?)
  • CVS has the big ugly hard block lettering.
  • The CVSi (the “i” is for plural folks… come on..) I have been in recently have horrible doors.  They feel narrow and constricting.
  • In CVS, the isles are really crammed together.
  • Every Walgreens in the universe has the same floorplan. (does CVS do this? I don’t know, I hate CVS remember?)
  • Oooh!  And who can forget the Walgreens brand products:   Wal-tussin anyone?

Any other ideas as to why Walgreens is superior to CVS?






11 responses to “Walgreens or CVS”

  1. Marie Avatar

    I was one of the ones who took the poll. For me, and probably the long-time Springfieldian, it’s because Walgreens has always been Walgreens. Whereas, CVS was previously Thrifty and we miss Thrifty. I just made that up, but it makes sense.


  2. Sally Avatar

    You don’t want to hear this, but me thinks you have too much time on your hands. You put WAY too much thought into this…


  3. David Rasch Avatar

    Walgreens is a great business case for the “hedgehog” concept and the implementing it well. Your feeling toward Walgreens ultimately dovetails with their corporate strategy:

    There’s a whole book around this concept and others involving in making great companies in the book “Good to Great”–I’d highly recommend it.


  4. Bob Avatar

    Well one of the things I love about Walgreens is anytime I choose I can go in and purchase a Chia Pet. They also have a vast assortment of products that thought you could only purchase on TV.

    Is this a great country or what?


  5. Dave Avatar

    I’m more of a subversion man myself. And a big fan of the Wal-* line of drugs.

    I don’t use CVS much, because they’re not as big around CU. But I’m sure I could figure out how to checkout from one.


  6. EJ Avatar

    I wouldn’t be so fast about the ease of checkout… I recall being in there once and being confronted by a huge checkout counter with several registers and not being sure of which one to step up to. If I remember, I chose wrong and had to be directed to the opposite end of said counter.


  7. JohnG Avatar

    Although I’m not big on CVS (seems to sterile and big-box corporation), I have never had any problems writing my monthly $3200 checks for medicine. They don’t even ask for ID! Its a good thing since knowing I have to write a $3200 check each month puts me in a bad mood before I even get there.

    When I first started this prescription several years ago, Walgreens would not work with my insurance company, hence I used CVS, even though Walgreens was closer (and still is).

    Another difference. CVS has Lottery tickets and liquor sales, Walgreens does not.


  8. EJ Avatar

    FINALLY! I a real difference between the two has been brought to light!

    My first thought about this? Woah, Walgreens doesn’t sell liquor!


  9. jimmy Avatar

    You have to take a good look at Walgreens check-out counters. Some of their stores have only one with long lines. I prefer CVS and the discount slips on purchases. As for Walgreens you have to cut out coupons and did you ever look at their bill after discounts taken off. It takes you time to figure it out.No such thing a CVS. DISCOUNTS TAKEN OFF ITEM PURCHASED. wALGREEN WHEN THEY HAVE A SPECIAL YOU ARE LUCKY TO FIND ANY THEY PUT UP JUST A FEW AND GIVE RAIN CHECKS. Layout and appearance is first class at CVS.


  10. Collin Avatar

    You are all (for the most part) completely uninformed about CVS. CVS is completely and entirely superior to Walgreens in every way.

    First off, to try to andwer the remarks that I remember reading;

    CVS DOES have the same floor plan (planogram) in every store.

    As for their ailes being to narrow; CVS actually has a very strict corporate policy to have a minimum of 36 inches between all ailes in order to allow access for people in wheel chairs in every aile. Although 36 is the minimum, all of their newer locations are built with 40+.

    Somone expressed that they like walgreens because they carry a nice line of “Sold on TV Only” products. This idea for walgreens was stolen from CVS, who has been selling the “TV” products ever since they began being sold on that channel.

    CVS has another corporate policy which is strictly enforced to never allow a line of more than 3 customers waiting to cash-out. If this occurs the cashiers immediatly page the intercom calling all other employees to ring.

    CVS ownes Caremark which is the largest prescription company in the world. This allows them the opportunities to receive faster and easier deliveries of fresher products. CVS can provide online service where you have have your prescriptions shipped to your door with any other items from the store as well. You can also have them delivered that day from your local store.

    CVS has the option to flavor any liquid medicine with a full menu of your kid’s favorite flavors! They can even do this with OTC medicines as well!

    CVS focuses on customer service more than any other pharmacy in the industry. Look in any CVS store at the sign above the checkout counter; unlike every other store in the world it reads “customer service”. This truly means something. The company spends millions of dollars more on training than walgreens and walmart in order to creat cetter quality customer service.

    The company also has a superior sale and Extra Care system. You can actually earn “extra bucks” every time you make a purchase which will eventually print out at the bottom of your receipt and can be spent as cash! I have seen customers come in with over $50 in extra bucks!!

    I once observed a situation where a lady needed a medicine immediatly and CVS did not have it on the shelf because it was rare and not usually sold in this store. Like they would normally do, they told the lady they could have it by 7am the next morning. This was not good enough for her and she insisted that she needed it now. The pharmacist from CVS actually picked up the phone and called the Brooks Pharmacy down the road and lucky enough they had it in stock. The Pharmacist has the prescription transferred to the Brooks for the lady to receive immediatly. Now tell me, what other company would give business to a direct competitor in order to please the customer? The answer is only the best….CVS

    I could go on and on all day about why CVS is better. I have done extensive research since it pertains to my career. Trust me when I tell you that unless CVS is not located within 20 minutes of your home, it is your best local pharmacy.


  11. Brian Avatar

    Walgreens has a cooler name. That’s why I go there.


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