David vs. the IRS

We waited much longer to file our taxes this year because the good ol’ State of Illinois took nearly forever to get a social security number provisioned to David.  They must have a room full of monkeys banging out SSNs until they find an unused one… (psst…. Illinois… if you used an INFINITE number of monkeys, like the theorem states, it might go faster.  Or a computer.  You pick.)

The day we received David’s Social Security Card in the mail, I filed our taxes with him proudly listed as a dependent.  The IRS rejected it.  I surmised that either A) the room full of monkeys messed up or B) the glorious State of Illinois didn’t have their act together in time to get David’s brand new (or recycled) SSN transmitted to the Feds.  So we got a reduced tax return and waited for an official rejection letter.

Got that letter today, called in and got it straightened out.  Yeah, a pretty uneventful end to the story.   Sorry.





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