I heard about these yesterday, a new media format some of the big labels are trying to push now.  It’s a microSD card “loaded” with an album.  Give me a break!

What morons thought this was going to sell?  Apparently some major record labels that still just can’t wrap their head around the idea of digital distribution.   These things are tiny, who wants to shuffle these around all the while trying not to lose them?  No thanks, I’ll stick to MP3s sitting on a nice big hard drive.  Nice try.






2 responses to “slotMusic?”

  1. Eric Hays Avatar
    Eric Hays

    How many microSD cards does it take to fill a car CD player? Also, how many accidents will be caused by people trying to read the microlabel on their microSD card and then trying to pick it up off the floorboard when they drop it?


  2. EJ Avatar

    I predict exactly zero accidents, because not a single person is going to buy one 🙂


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