This evening I finished the remaining work on the cabinet construction.


Here’s a photo of how my camera bags fit – not too shabby.  The lenses will go on the shelf and the camera in the drawer with all of other accessories.


While I’m glad to have it all completely built finally, I’m pretty nervous about staining it.  I’ve never stained anything before, and I’d really hate to ruin this thing.





6 responses to “Progress”

  1. Mark Shiffer Avatar

    Nice looking cabinet Eric. Good job.

    Don’t worry about staining, it’s easy. Just follow the directions on the can. I usually use an old t-shirt to wipe the stain on, but you can use a brush as well. The polyurethane after the stain is a bit tricker as you really need to make sure it doesn’t blotch or clump, but still it’s not that hard.

    Regardless, either can be fixed by sanding it down and starting over, your original work won’t be lost. I’d suggest taking some scrap and staining and urethane it to make sure you are going to get the look that you want.


  2. Marie Avatar

    Wow! Very impressive. I’d love to have one for my daughter.


  3. Bob Avatar

    Good job on the cabinet, it looks great! Take some of the scrap and practice applying the stain first to see how it comes out.


  4. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    When do you want me to start taking orders? I’m sure once you get used to it, you could probably knock off. . . oh. . . I don’t know. . . whatd’ya think. . . . maybe a couple,3 a day? And you handle production, I’ll be in charge of sales and revenue. What a team!! I’ll, I mean, you and I, will be swimming in money!


  5. EJ Avatar

    At this point I’m thinking the profit margin of such an operation would be somwhere around -$WayTooMuch 🙂


  6. Sally Avatar

    Wow, I’m impressed! Stain & finish (varnish/polyurethane) will make it or break it. Watch out for drips or large concentrations of stain. Your work is too beautiful to mess up. You’ll do fine.


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