8 Hours

8 Hours.  That’s how long the project book said it would take to make the book case I designed my camera cabinet off of.  Ha!  I can’t even count how many hours I’ve put in on this thing now – probably another 6 or so this weekend.  I’m slow.

I made quite a bit of progress in the past couple days: top trim; adjustable shelf;  researched, bought hinges; made and hanged(?) the doors; and got almost halfway done making the trim for the doors.  I also picked out a couple sample stains and tried them out on some of the scrap wood.  I think I’ll be going with a couple coats of Minwax Red Oak over the Red Mahogany, but we’ll see.

Here’s where it stands tonight (more photos here)..



Bits left: finish making and installing door trim; make the back; sand; stain; poly.





One response to “8 Hours”

  1. EJ Avatar

    A few things learned thus far:
    1) I’m really tired of splinters.
    2) Oak is a bit more difficult to use a router on than other softer woods.
    3) Wood glue is amazing stuff – I read that Titebond holds 3600lbs. of pressure at room temperature. When it failed at that pressure, 77% of the time it was the wood that broke, not the glue. Cool stuff.
    4) Knowing when to call it a day saves a lot of mistakes – and therefore trips back to buy more wood.


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