Tag: camera cabinet

  • Staining

    I did lots of sanding on Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday morning.  And tonight I was able to apply the first coat of stain.   So far I’m fairly pleased with the results.  I can see a few spots where I screwed up and must not have sanded all of the wood glue remnants, […]

  • Progress

    This evening I finished the remaining work on the cabinet construction. Here’s a photo of how my camera bags fit – not too shabby.  The lenses will go on the shelf and the camera in the drawer with all of other accessories. While I’m glad to have it all completely built finally, I’m pretty nervous […]

  • 8 Hours

    8 Hours.  That’s how long the project book said it would take to make the book case I designed my camera cabinet off of.  Ha!  I can’t even count how many hours I’ve put in on this thing now – probably another 6 or so this weekend.  I’m slow. I made quite a bit of […]