16 Months Old

This morning after searching our house for Easter Eggs and before going to church we decided we’d do a quick David photo shoot.  It had been a while since the “monthly photos” ended, and he was all dressed up for Easter.  As luck would have it, today just happens to be his 16 month birthday too.




Ran into some lighting problems (bulb burned out), so some of them are using a combination of lamp and natural lighting.  Those look a little odd to me.

The rest of the collection are in the gallery (still uploading, should be done soon).

4 thoughts on “16 Months Old

  1. Again. . . What a little man!!
    The pictures turned out well. My favorites. . . #1,4,9,10,11,12,14 and 20. Good job!
    He also looked a little tired–perhaps he’s still recovering from that upper respiratory infection. Poor baby!


  2. Love the pictures!! What a character!!

    Great family photo too. I now have one of the pictures as a background on my computer. I love that kid!!


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