San Francisco Vacation: Day 3

We got to sleep in a bit longer today – 5:30am!

After getting David some breakfast, we took a short walk down the block to get some coffee.   Here’s the view from a block from where we’re staying.


After grabbing coffee it was only 8am, and most of the tourist spots weren’t close to being open yet.  We decided to drive over to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I missed an exit so we drover over (and back) when we hadn’t planned to, but that just gave us more time to admire the bridge and take photos.  Back on the south side we decided to take a walk on it:


By this point it was time for lunch and a nap (ooooh vacations are nice) so we went back to the house.  A couple hours later we went on a cable car ride downtown, walked around for a while, had dinner, and ended the day with another cable car ride back.



Tomorrow we go on a train ride through a forest and who knows what else.




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