San Francisco Vacation: Day 4

Today was all about trains.

After breakfast this morning we made the hour and a half drive from San Francisco down to Felton for a great train ride through a redwood forest.  The first order of business upon arrival was to get David a train whistle so he could sound like the engines we could hear in the distance.


He’s starting to get the hang of it 🙂

We had some time to kill before our train was scheduled to depart, so we took a brief walk in the adjacent Redwoods State Park.  Wow, were we impressed.  Amazed is probably more like it, I’ve never walked around a forest in awe before and I think we would have spent all afternoon in there if the train weren’t awaiting us.




The train ride was great, and David enjoyed it to no end.  It made a brief stop at the top of BearMountain for everyone to stretch their legs but David was furious that we were stopping.  “More Train! More Train!”


Next up: Alcatraz.





2 responses to “San Francisco Vacation: Day 4”

  1. Sally Avatar

    We just found your daily posts. What a grest trip! David seems to be adjusting to everything but the clock! Have a great time.
    PS: Roberto would like a pix of his mother’s home if possible. Thanks.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Yep already got photos of the house.


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