San Francisco Vacation: Photo Roundup

After quite a bit of time sorting and editing, I present to you roughly 9% of the 1600 photos taken on our vacation.

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One response to “San Francisco Vacation: Photo Roundup”

  1. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    First of all–nice to have you all back home, safe and sound.
    I still have not made my way through all of your pictures. But those that I have, I have thoroughly enjoyed–and they’ve given me a very good feel for what you all experienced.
    I’m telling you–you missed your true calling! You need to go into photography! (Well, I guess it is good to have something to fall back on, you know, just in case this computer stuff turns out to be a bust!)
    See you and Ana and David on Thursday.
    Miss you!
    Aunt Kath


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