Back to the Zoo

On short notice, we decided to take a day trip to St. Louis today. When we first woke up this morning the weather didn’t look favorable, at 7am St. Louis was showing 94%+ humidity, so we figured we would just find something indoors. But on the way there the sky was overcast, the temperature wasn’t too bad, and the humidity had dropped – so to the zoo we went!

David had a really good time, he really wanted to see the Lions more than anything. He also really enjoyed all of the fish in the tanks he got to gaze into.

The cats are always a hit too.

It was alot of fun watching David get so excited – his last visit was exactly 1 year ago when he couldn’t express himself so well.    Today he was sure to hop up for every exhibit, until he just got too tired near the end of the afternoon.  We knew he was tired when he told his “No, I don’t want to see more elephants…”

And for the first time we can remember, we actually got to see the penguins outside. These went over very well 🙂

More photos from the trip are in the gallery.





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  1. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    No. 3 is my favorite–He seems to be just awed. He’s just beautiful!


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