Lightroom 3, the iPhone, and Crashing on Import

A few weeks ago I imported photos from my iPhone into Lightroom 3.  Ever since, I’ve had Lightroom crash on several occasions when I’ve gone to import photos off of a Compact Flash card.  I’m running Windows 7, 64-bit. I was resorting to a reboot to clear it up, but tonight I had too much other stuff running that I didn’t want to stop for a reboot.  So I started looking around.

I noticed that in Windows Explorer, there was a “phantom” iPhone appearing when my phone was definitely not plugged in.  Here’s how it looked:


My theory is that Lightroom was trying to enumerate devices and was getting to this one and failing.  Unfortunately there isn’t an option to Eject the device from here, so I turned to Devices and Printers in the Control Panel.  In the list of devices, sitting down in the Unspecified section was one called Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.  If you right-click and select Troubleshoot, Windows does a decent job at figuring out that there is no longer a device attached and removes it from the system.  No more phantom iPhone.

I opened Lightroom back up, clicked Import… and Voila!  Fixed!




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