Art Fair

This weekend we went downtown to the Old State Capitol Art Fair.  I always enjoy the photography most of all (shocking, I know), seeing such a wide variety of styles and subjects helps to inspire as well as solidify what I do and do not like.

I also took the opportunity to try and get some more interesting photographs of the Old State Capitol.  I didn’t end up with anything outstanding, but it felt good to just walk around and focus on this for a while.

The morning started off looking like it was going to rain, but cleared up shortly after I took this.



This one was from a week or so ago, but it fits the theme.  It’s surely not the typical photograph of this building.

A colorful exhibit.

Here’s David taking a breather from all of the walking.  He has about as much fun as a 3 year old can at an art fair.

Here are the rest of the photos from the Old State Capitol.





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