That’s Really Pretty

Last night as we were leaving David’s YMCA swim class, the sun was setting behind some clouds and it was already starting to get dark outside. A few blocks away, nestled among other buildings, the tower of the Cathedral caugh my eye; it was lit with several lights shining up on its sides which really made it stand out from dusk. I kept my eye on it for a few seconds as we started walking, but didn’t bother saying to Ana or David about how it looked to me.

I really wish I would have been prepared with a camera, but that’s beside the point.

Just a moments after I stopped looking at it, I hear “Ooooh, that’s really pretty”. It was David. He had noticed it too.

Ana and I try to point things like that out to him as often as we can; trying to teach him to stop and take note of how things look. All the times we are out together, and I have my camera, I try to explain why I’m taking certain pictures. I don’t know why I’m surprised, but it’s rubbing off on him.




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