Good Day of Shooting

I spent a couple hours outside shooting this afternoon while the others in the house were enjoying naps.  I decided to drive over to Sangchris Lake and give my new 10-stop ND filter a try.

Before getting to the filter, however, I happened to get into a great position to _finally_ get a good shot of the Great Blue Heron.   It seems like it is always flying nearby, until I have a camera handy.

The filter is fun to use, but a couple challenges come with it.  First, since .1% of light is allowed through the filter, you can’t look through the camera with it on – it’s completely black.  That makes focusing and composing tricky.  It also makes it easy to take the long exposure only to find out that you left the lens cap on.  Oops, that happened twice this afternoon 🙂

After dinner and helping get David ready for bed, I was able to make it out one more time just as the sun was going down. I debated for a while before going back out, but am glad I overcame the laziness:





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