Sugar Creek Covered Bridge

This past Saturday I got up before dawn and drove out to Sugar Creek Covered Bridge, in hopes of getting a good looking, while unique, photo.

It’s very frustrating when you make such an effort and walk away without anything to show for it, but I don’t think this is one of those times.  I made a few good ones, but this one is my favorite.

Even more interesting was that my 4 year old son came with me.  He woke 5 minutes before me and was enthused the entire time.  I think the chocolate milk, doughnut holes, and a chance to use a “big guy camera” helped with that.

Monday evening after dinner he asked if we could go for a walk and take pictures, so I got the cameras out and we went for a quick stroll around the neighboorhood.  “Just me and daddy… taking pictures!”.   Yeah, we’ll be doing that again soon.




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