The Tall Ship Manitou, a GREAT Time

While vacationing in Traverse City, Michigan last week, we took a cruise on the Tall Ship Manitou operated by the Traverse Tall Ship Co.  We had a fantastic time on the 2 hour cruise in Grand Traverse Bay.

Our 7 year old, David, spent quite a bit of time asking questions of Captain Brandon.  Captain Brandon took the time to thoroughly answer all of these questions, and in a manner that further encouraged his curiosity.  To top it off, David was able to steer the ship under the Captain’s directions for at least 10 minutes.  That’s an experience he’ll never forget.


Aside from being excellent with kids, the ride itself was fantastic.  A very tasty turkey wrap was served and plenty of great beer was available for purchase.  The crew was fun, lively, and open to questions as they went about the business of operating the boat.

If you’re in the area and looking for a unique way to spend a couple hours, check their availability and give it a try.  You will NOT regret it!







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