Surface 3 and Windows 10 “Touch is Right Click” Workaround

After upgrading my Surface 3 to Windows 10, a very annoying bug surfaced where I’ll be writing with the pen and all of a sudden any and all touches (pen or finger) are interpreted as right clicks.

For a few days, my only recourse was restarting.

I have since learned that you can avoid a reboot by going into Device Manager and Disabling/Enabling the Surface TouchScreen Device (Human Interface Devices -> Surface TouchScreen Device).

Here’s a PowerShell script I now have hooked up to a keyboard shortcut for when it happens again:

$touchScreenDevice = gwmi Win32_PNPEntity -Filter "Name='Surface TouchScreen Device'"
if ($touchScreenDevice)
    write-host Found Touchscreen Device, Disabling...
    $null = $touchScreenDevice.Disable()

    write-host Enabling Touchscreen Device...
    $null = $touchScreenDevice.Enable()

    write-host done!

I hope this helps everyone else running into this frustrating problem!






2 responses to “Surface 3 and Windows 10 “Touch is Right Click” Workaround”

  1. Sunny Guha Avatar
    Sunny Guha

    Hi thanks for the fix script.
    Does the fix last till the last restart or does the bug reappear after a while


  2. Aaron Avatar

    Thanks, this is a big help.


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