Surface 3 and Windows 10 “Touch is Right Click” Workaround

After upgrading my Surface 3 to Windows 10, a very annoying bug surfaced where I’ll be writing with the pen and all of a sudden any and all touches (pen or finger) are interpreted as right clicks.

For a few days, my only recourse was restarting.

I have since learned that you can avoid a reboot by going into Device Manager and Disabling/Enabling the Surface TouchScreen Device (Human Interface Devices -> Surface TouchScreen Device).

Here’s a PowerShell script I now have hooked up to a keyboard shortcut for when it happens again:

$touchScreenDevice = gwmi Win32_PNPEntity -Filter "Name='Surface TouchScreen Device'"
if ($touchScreenDevice)
    write-host Found Touchscreen Device, Disabling...
    $null = $touchScreenDevice.Disable()

    write-host Enabling Touchscreen Device...
    $null = $touchScreenDevice.Enable()

    write-host done!

I hope this helps everyone else running into this frustrating problem!


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