Tag: Dec12

  • Tentative Time

    Just a heads-up – the noon time is now tentative. They’re going to run another blood test and see what her levels are. Chances are good that she’ll need another bag before the surgery so it’ll be another hour+.

  • Waiting

    Just waiting around now for the platelets to be infused.  Wait wait wait.

  • Counts

    This just in, Ana’s platelet count is 17,000.  Anesthesiologist wants her to be at 85,000 before they’ll give the regional anesthetic and 55,000 before surgery period.  They will be giving her the first round of platelets at 10, then do another blood check after that.   Immediately after the blood test has been drawn, they’ll toss […]

  • Platelets

    A nurse came in a bit ago and said that they plan on giving Ana three bags of platelets – one before surgery, one during, and one afterwards. We’re still waiting for the one before to be delivered…

  • Checked in

    Well we’re up in the room now and she just received an IV, which was an ordeal.   What’s a little blood on the floor between friends?

  • T minus 5:45:00

    Good morning everyone! Here we are – just a few hours to go.  Last night we rented a couple Wii games, Jay and Katherine came over, and we were able to make the evening go much faster than the day went. We’re packing up the last couple things now in preparation of heading in to […]