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  • More PowerShell – a Cmdlet

    This past weekend I spent some time reading up on and writing my first PowerShell cmdlet.   The cmdlet is an easy one, but replaces a PS function I have copy/pasted into several scripts here and there to handle cleaning out directories of old backups or other types of files.  One scenario is my RadioShark which I have setup […]

  • iTunes is iAnnoying

    Too bad the iPhone makes you get sucked into the world if iTunes – because it sucks.  I knew this going in, but it still isn’t fun when the limitations smack you in the face. The limitation of which I speak is its inability to detect new files in its directories, automatically update its library […]

  • Chef 1.3.20

    I just released the latest version, 1.3.20, tonight.  A few new things include: recipe rating; cooking times; preparation times; better search capability; ingredient preparations; bug fixes; and more bug fixes. If you’re a user, go upgrade!  If you aren’t a user, give it a try! www.ejichef.com And now it’s midnight, time for bed.

  • Visual Studio 2008 Setup Projects

    This is going to be fairly heavy on the tech side, so you’ve been warned… A couple weeks ago I converted the Chef code to Visual Studio 2008 – not a new .net version, just upgraded the solution and project files to the new format so I could start using the new IDE. I ran […]

  • Recipe Slideshows

    Chef has a feature called Recipe Slideshows which allow you to view a recipe fullscreen in a PowerPoint-like format that’s much easier to read while you’re cooking than the small text of a cookbook, or the regular view of a recipe in Chef for that matter. I’ve had that feature around for a while, but […]

  • C# operator== overloading

    I recently came to a situation where operator overloading C# (specifically the == operator) would really be beneficial. Since I’ve typically steered away from this technique, for readability and maintainability, I hadn’t had much experience with it. My overloaded operator looks something like this: static bool operator==(Id<T> a, Id<T> b) { return a.Value == b.Value; […]

  • Note to self: Another Software Idea

    In the same vain as another post, I or someone needs to write a Visual Studio 2005 add-in for managing the Break on Exception feature.  Specifically, be able to create profiles that can easily be switched between during debugging sessions that would enable/disable breaking into the deubber on certain types of exceptions but not other. […]

  • Chef and Vista

    As I mentioned last night, I made the 1.0.0 build of Chef and started doing some installation testing on Vista. It’s official – Vista’s UAC is kicking my ass.   It’s during the database setup that I’m having the problem.  Sql Server gets installed OK, it’s for some reason the database restore that times out. Kinda […]

  • Visual Studio on Vista

    As mentioned I installed Vista on my new desktop, since I have been running it on my laptop with Visual Studio for a month now without any real problems. Go figure, I ran into an issue that has been bugging me for the past couple days. The symptoms are as follows: Every time I start […]

  • Visual Studio followup

    Just a little follow-up regarding my issue with Visual Studio 2005 and Vista – I was able to make the problem go away by installing a hotfix for KB912019.