C and .NET

A coworker and I have been trudging through a lot of code recently. .NET code written by a C programmer. Folks, these things should never mix, because when they do, you end up with: byteArray = new Byte[hexString.Length >> 1]; That's right. Don't divide by 2. Bit shift. And nevermind that there is a builtin … Continue reading C and .NET

Day of code

Today I probably spent a good 6-8 hours working on Chef.  I was able to get a lot done and move it to the point where the recipe management side has a functional, basic object model.  You know what that means??  Time to move on to the UI! I already started to play around with … Continue reading Day of code


The past two nights I have been working up a prototype for the new Chef website.  I think it's the best looking site I've done, if I say so myself.  Taking the advice of a coworker, I mocked up the layout in photoshop before touching html/css.  It sure made the process go much faster, and … Continue reading ejichef.com