New Orleans

This is the area where, over night last night, some individual(s) spent approximately $700 of my money.  At a Wal-Mart, a Popeye's Chicken, and a Shell gas station. This morning I received a call from my bank, saying they wanted to validate some suspicious activity on my debit card.  The gentleman mentioned they were from … Continue reading New Orleans

1 Year

Today marks a year since I started regularly exercising.  Every weekday after work I'm in my basement lifting, with very few exceptions (which has been a pleasant surprise).  Now that the weather is turning nice, we'll be able to get our bikes out and get back into that routine too. Wooo!

Chef Beta 1!

Well it's a week and two days later than desired, but it's finally here.  The first beta of the new Chef!  For those of you that are going to be trying it out and providing your feedback, thank you very much - I really appreciate it. Details available at

21 miles

I took a nice bike ride today on the Lost Bridge Trail to Rochester.  Ana went shopping with her mom so I figured it would  be good to get some exercise.  It was a 21 mile ride, which is longer than I've ridden before.  I made a mistake and didn't eat any lunch before riding … Continue reading 21 miles

Mark your calendars

In the spirit of the oranges, I'd like to report that this week I have eaten 4 apples!  Two more remain on my desk for today and tomorrow.  I think this breaks a 10 year apple hiatus.  Amazing. In related news, I also ate a serving of oatmeal this morning at my desk.  That's probably … Continue reading Mark your calendars