Ana and I are tossing the idea around of hiring someone to build us a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall bookcase in our living room. I really don't have the slightest idea on how much a project like that will cost, but it would be a welcome addition to our house. I hate having 4-5 bookcases throughout the … Continue reading Bookcases

Night Out

Friday night we went out with Jay, a good friend from work, and his fiancee. Started out with a fantastic dinner at Alexander's Steakhouse, followed up with a viewing of Sin City. We all agreed the movie sucked, but we had a great time regardless. Next time we go out, we've decided to let the … Continue reading Night Out


It's odd when you sit down and spend an evening watching many hours of recorded television and walk away feeling as if something was actually accomplished. Truly bizarre.


Got my car back today, had it in to get a new windshield. Over the weekend it was hit by a rock while driving and shortly thereafter a large crack grew across about 2/3 of its length. The new one sounds kinda funny when I hit bumps, but hopefully that'll go away once it settles … Continue reading Windshield


Today I put in the second of three new circuits in the basement. I feel bad that I had procrastinated so long, but there really wasn't a driving need to get it done since the computers were all put on the first. This one went pretty quickly, and it worked correctly on the first try … Continue reading Electricity


Today was a busy day, setting up all of our decorations. It was worth it though, we heard many great comments about how our house looked fantastic. The music/sound effects created a very spooky atmosphere - a group of neighbor kids playing in the next yard over thought our house was haunted. Much fun! Full … Continue reading Success!

Halloween Decorations

Ana and I have decided to do up the house with Halloween decorations and scary stuff for the trick'r treaters in the neighborhood. It should end up looking pretty cool and provide a fun evening tomorrow. Some preliminary pics can be seen here.


Ana and I are preparing for the anticipated onslaught of trick'r treaters next weekend. We have several pounds of candy, in addition to a few things we're going to decorate the house with (which is to involve some motion sensors, scary beings, and creapy music). Should be pretty fun, I'll take some pictures if it … Continue reading Halloween