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  • Ammo and… backups?

    OK, just a few more words about my data backups. Last week I ordered a few Army Surplus, 30 Caliber Ammo Cans, they arrived today.  What the heck are these for, you ask? Well I thought they could make a great way to transport and store the hard drives I’m going to be rotating off-site.  So […]

  • Hippo Comes to Life

    David has accumulated plenty of coats and jackets, the the point that it seems like they’re everywhere.  Last weekend I thought it would be fun to make something to hang them from.  Well, since David enjoys hippos…. I started off drawing the little guy in PhotoShop Elements with my tablet… (wow, enough dust in there? […]

  • Google SketchUp

    My next non-computer project is to design and build a toybox for David.  I’ve put off actually thinking about the plans because I didn’t feel like finding graph paper and a pencil, and I hadn’t really looked for software to assist in the design. But this afternoon was going a little slow and I ran […]