Day of code

Today I probably spent a good 6-8 hours working on Chef.  I was able to get a lot done and move it to the point where the recipe management side has a functional, basic object model.  You know what that means??  Time to move on to the UI!

I already started to play around with the basic look and feel of the UI, and I’m excited about it.  Its unlike anything I’ve done before; I look forward to being able to give a sneak-preview in the coming weeks.

Today also saw me beginning to hunt for a good, cheap Help Authoring tool.   I ran across a promising, free product shipped with the Visual Studio SDK called HelpStudio Lite but upon installation discovered the license prohibits it being used for anything other than Visual Studio-integrated help solutions.  That was mentioned nowhere, but was bright and shiny in the EULA.  WTF!  The next candidate is WinCHM.  It appears to be basic and with a good price tag ($50), so I’ll try and dig up some reviews on it.




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