Chef 1.3.20

I just released the latest version, 1.3.20, tonight.  A few new things include: recipe rating; cooking times; preparation times; better search capability; ingredient preparations; bug fixes; and more bug fixes. If you're a user, go upgrade!  If you aren't a user, give it a try! And now it's midnight, time for bed.

Unit Testing

I would love some input on this from you fellow developers out there, as this is something I continue to try and improve on... WARNING, CODE BELOW THE BREAK! (Note, I just realized the inline images here are overlapping like hell. Sorry, I've changed them to also be links you can click to view completely) … Continue reading Unit Testing

Visual Studio 2008

Earlier this week I received a free copy of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2008 by being an Action Pack subscriber and completing a short little web tutorial and quiz. I installed it last night and decided to get the Chef code/projects converted so I could start using it. The usual project conversion wizard popped up as … Continue reading Visual Studio 2008

Recipe Slideshows

Chef has a feature called Recipe Slideshows which allow you to view a recipe fullscreen in a PowerPoint-like format that's much easier to read while you're cooking than the small text of a cookbook, or the regular view of a recipe in Chef for that matter. I've had that feature around for a while, but … Continue reading Recipe Slideshows

Requirements by Eavesdropping

I'm coining it. Defined as a process by which software requirements are gathered not by formal meetings and documents, but rather by hearsay. They sure don't teach you that at school.  Nor should they. I can use it in a sentence, but I'd rather not.

Chef and Vista

As I mentioned last night, I made the 1.0.0 build of Chef and started doing some installation testing on Vista. It's official - Vista's UAC is kicking my ass.   It's during the database setup that I'm having the problem.  Sql Server gets installed OK, it's for some reason the database restore that times out. Kinda … Continue reading Chef and Vista