Axialis Icon Workshop 6.0

A week or so ago I purchased a copy of Axialis Icon Workshop 6.0 Corporate Edition so I could crank out good looking icons for Chef. I have used trial editions of past versions and found it to be a very good product, but never pulled the trigger to buy it.

6.0 changed that in a major way. They’ve come up with a fantastic way to allow the user to take stock “objects” and quickly and easily compose them into great looking icons. With their older versions it took me a long time to come up with icons, and they still never made me very happy. But that is surely not the case anymore, great work guys.

I’m halfway expecting some of those computer graphics wizards out there to start putting out “object” libraries of their own.  I’m really looking forward to such a thing (anyone?! anyone!?).

Ontop of their great software sits a reasonable pricing model and the lifetime upgrades are nothing to balk at!




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