A while back I discussed needing to look into a new source control solution for Chef.  To recap, CVS had just gotten on my nerves for a few things: file deletion and moving; pretty crappy windows client support (gui); clunky (to me) branch management; and poor infrastructure on my network.  I just don’t feel comfortable using it on Chef going forward.

Some of my requirements for the replacement system:  stable; reliable; simple backup/restores; good Windows GUI tools for management; inexpensive (read Free); intuitive; good documentation; preferrably a Windows server (to simplify my backups).   The two forerunners were a coworker’s recommended, SourceGear Vault, and Perforce.  Vault was built as a Visual Source Safe replacement and is free for a single user.  Perforce, I learned, is a very popular and robust scm server that is free for 2 users or 5 workstations.  After comparing the two for a while I settled on Perforce mostly because it met all of my requirements, and did so in a very elegant and polished fashion.  Documentation has been spot-on and things work as advertised.  I was able to import Chef, get it backed up and configure Visual Studio’s Source Control integration all in a span of a couple hours.  Pretty impressive. Thank you Perforce for the free license.




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