Some Chef Updates

Just a few Chef notes…

A couple weeks ago I reported that I had gotten rid of SWREG in favor of E-Junkie with PayPal and Google Checkout.  Since then I’ve processed a couple of orders successfully so it’s good to know I didn’t break anything.    That’s always a concern of mine when I make changes like these, Murphy has proven to be an evil guy at precisely the wrong times.

Early last month I decided to give a try so I signed up and submitted Chef to be listed.  So far it’s showing a whopping 53 downloads.

The past week has been pretty busy with bug fixes and other support things.  Tomorrow night I’m going to try my hand at connecting to a customer’s PC to see if I can check on a problem they’re having.  Since I haven’t done this before I decided to go with Fog Creek’s Copilot software to (hopefully) get us connected.  I use their (great) FogBugz software for Chef and at work, so I have high expectations for Copilot.

I just posted 1.3.18 with the bug fixes from the past week.

I think that’s it!





One response to “Some Chef Updates”

  1. EJ Avatar

    Just an update, Copilot worked great. I wish it had chat functionality in it, however. I had to resort to some old-school VNC tactics of opening notepad to talk with them.

    I’ll definitely use Copilot again in the future if the need arises.


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