ITP Update

We had the second meeting with Ana's new hematologist today.  Some good things and some less-desirable things came out of it. Good things: Liver and Spleen scan came back negative for any abnormailities 4 or 5 other tests came back negative Test for blood platelet antibodies came back positive This doctor knows that a 9:40am … Continue reading ITP Update

Thank you!

Well everyone, thank you for your thoughts and prayers - they worked great.  I'll be posting more photos (and video!) as time permits so be sure to keep checking back. Lots of people have asked about the name.  Anthony is my middle name and David is a small tribute to all of the great friends … Continue reading Thank you!

Test Results

Blood test results are back.  She went from 17k to 35k on one bag.  She's now got two bags in her and they're starting the third.  So, she's probably at 50k right now.  They'll be testing again after this 3rd bag is administered. Any surgery won't be before 2:30. Stay tuned.