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  • Error Reporting

    Version 1.1 of Chef included a new feature for submitting crash reports if they happen in the wild. When one happens, the user has the option to send one in along with any comments and their email address (optional). It has always sounded like a good feature to have, but it took me some time […]

  • Scaled Recipes

    The dilemma is over, thanks to a few suggestions from David. Here’s the result:

  • Naming Dilemma

    I need your help. I’m implementing something in Chef and cannot come up with a good term for it. It’s the ability to scale a recipe (double, triple, halve, etc.). I have it implemented in such a way that you basically get a temporary, non-editable, non-savable version of the recipe with the amounts changed as […]

  • Announcing Chef 1.1

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Chef Version 1.1.   Download the full version here, but if you’re a current user, you can download a much smaller upgrade now! Enjoy!

  • July

    With just a few hours remaining in July, I’m happy to report that this month saw my first several sales of Chef. It’s interesting how that very first sale made me feel – just a couple days prior I had been asked by a few people if I had sold any. At that time, it […]

  • Hosting

    Due to an internet connection mishap and some resulting downtime over the past two days here at home, I decided it’s time to upgrade my hosting account and move my Chef website to it.  No longer is it running out of my basement.

  • Chef PC!

    The day has finally arrived. We have a “Chef PC” in our kitchen! This is the HP Touchsmart IQ770. That’s right, it’s a 19″ widescreen, touchscreen, all-in-one desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium and Microsoft Media Center. We first saw it Friday night at Office Depot, and today they had it on sale for $300 […]

  • Chef Update

    It has been a while since mentioning Chef here, and I’ve had a few people ask me about it.  So here’s a quick update. No, no sales yet.  I am getting a few downloads per week, which I’m pleased about since it is a 260MB download.  Maybe one of these days someone will take the plunge […]

  • Chef 1.0

    It has been a lot of work, but tonight I finished updating the website and released Version 1 of Chef Kitchen Management System. Give it a whirl and then tell others to try it too! Now it’s on to the world of Google Analytics and AdWords 🙂

  • Domains

    Ok, so I have a question.  Which of the following domain names should I use as the main domain for Chef? EjiChef.com EjiChef.net MyRecipeSoftware.com TheRecipeSoftware.com EjiSoftware.com I own all of the above, and will point them to whichever is the best to use as the main domain.