Build System

Last night I put together a simple build system and got some of the application versioning in place for the future.  I'm running CruiseControl.NET for the builds but haven't set it up for continuous integration since I'm the only one coding.  I'm also not running any build tasks other than a straight compile, although once … Continue reading Build System

Registration Keys

Over the weekend I finally spent some time to tackle the problem of registration keys.  Particularly, generating them.  The last piece of software I attempted this was WakeUp! Alarm Clock, with a very cheesy, homegrown routine for creating a key tied to the user's name.  I never ran across any cracks/keygens for WakeUp! but I'm … Continue reading Registration Keys

Visual Studio Addin

At work yesterday I created my first Visual Studio Addin.  Now that I know how to do it, I'm going to create one for something I've always wanted: launch windows explorer on a folder in the solution explorer.  There apparently used to be a powertoy for this feature, but that was for VS2003.

Icon update

As I watched the Cardinals beat the Tigers tonight I sat and redid most of the toolbar icons for Chef. Every now and then it's nice to take a break from coding, and for those times there is plenty of graphics and documentation work to be done. Here's what the current toolbar looks like. What … Continue reading Icon update

C and .NET

A coworker and I have been trudging through a lot of code recently. .NET code written by a C programmer. Folks, these things should never mix, because when they do, you end up with: byteArray = new Byte[hexString.Length >> 1]; That's right. Don't divide by 2. Bit shift. And nevermind that there is a builtin … Continue reading C and .NET