Tag: Development

  • Note to self: software idea

    I would like a software product that would allow me to define “profiles” of windows services to be running or stopped.  For instance, there are times when I’m not on my LAN at home and want to code on my laptop.  That entails having my sql server instance up and running.  But I don’t want […]

  • Current Book

    I am reading Code Complete, 2nd Edition (great Valentine’s Day gift Ana! 😉 and must say that it’s much better and far more interesting than I expected it to be. I thought of it as being one of those books that you just have to read, but would probably be a chore to do so. […]

  • Visual Studio on Vista

    As mentioned I installed Vista on my new desktop, since I have been running it on my laptop with Visual Studio for a month now without any real problems. Go figure, I ran into an issue that has been bugging me for the past couple days. The symptoms are as follows: Every time I start […]

  • Visual Studio followup

    Just a little follow-up regarding my issue with Visual Studio 2005 and Vista – I was able to make the problem go away by installing a hotfix for KB912019.

  • Vista and Visual Studio 2005

    I knew I was taking a slight risk installing Vista on my laptop, where I do quite a bit of my coding.  I’m having a big problem with the Chef solution in Vista – it compiles and runs just fine but in the Visual Studio IDE I cannot open the WinForm Designer for anything but […]

  • Strong Naming

    As a continuation of my last post, I thought some of you .net developers may be interested in hearing about some of the issues I ran into when strong naming. Admittedly, this is my first real attempt at using strong naming as it’s intended and therefore I just wasn’t aware of a few things when […]

  • Automated Builds

    Several hours today were spent advancing my automated build process for Chef. I’ve had CruiseControl.NET building the software for months now but I’ve had a gaping hole in the processes that has been staring at me since I started it. What is this hole you ask? Version numbering. Why is versioning so hard in this […]

  • Bug Tracking

    The development of Chef has been pretty interesting thus far. I had almost forgotten how much work is involved in getting an application shippable like this. My previous experience was with the release WakeUp! Alarm Clock, but that was as off-the-cuff as you can get: simple version control (umm, none at first then graduated to […]

  • Perforce

    A while back I discussed needing to look into a new source control solution for Chef.  To recap, CVS had just gotten on my nerves for a few things: file deletion and moving; pretty crappy windows client support (gui); clunky (to me) branch management; and poor infrastructure on my network.  I just don’t feel comfortable […]

  • Chef Beta 1!

    Well it’s a week and two days later than desired, but it’s finally here.  The first beta of the new Chef!  For those of you that are going to be trying it out and providing your feedback, thank you very much – I really appreciate it. Details available at www.ejichef.com.