Ana had her 2-week visit with the new hematologist, and her platelets levels were the same as they were 2 weeks ago so that apparently finally "proves" that prednisone isn't helping.  Glad it took 5 months for that to be clear. Anyway, she's going to start the weaning process - dropping her dosage 10mg/week while … Continue reading Prednisone

ITP Update

We had the second meeting with Ana's new hematologist today.  Some good things and some less-desirable things came out of it. Good things: Liver and Spleen scan came back negative for any abnormailities 4 or 5 other tests came back negative Test for blood platelet antibodies came back positive This doctor knows that a 9:40am … Continue reading ITP Update


Well, it seems that I'm normal and my ITP was pregnancy induced. We made our second outing for my first post hospital blood count today and I am at 110,000 for my platelet levels. The low end of normal, but still normal. I think we may have also forgotten to mention that David had his … Continue reading Cured!

Trip Out

We're about to make our second trip out.  Today we need to run to the Springfield Clinic so Ana can get her first blood test post-pregnancy.  We're crossing our fingers that her platelet levels have at least stayed steady (100k+) and hopefully risen substantially. Yesterday I finished the first cut of the DVD chronicling David's … Continue reading Trip Out

Test Results

Blood test results are back.  She went from 17k to 35k on one bag.  She's now got two bags in her and they're starting the third.  So, she's probably at 50k right now.  They'll be testing again after this 3rd bag is administered. Any surgery won't be before 2:30. Stay tuned.